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Tuned Percussion

The process of creating extraordinary tuned percussion instruments begins by taking the greatest care in choosing the absolute best raw materials. The process of choosing the finest, most appropriate materials, is a delicate balance of science and art. Crafting instruments heavily dependent on so many old-world by-hand techniques, requires a team of experienced artisans who are not only knowledgeable, but also capable of the greatest patience and care. By taking this approach, we feel that TAMA is able to offer some of the highest-quality Tuned Percussion on the market today.

Vibraphone Materials

TAMA vibraphones utilize nothing less than finest quality aluminum alloys. Only the highest-grade alloys will produce and maintain over time, the rich and full sound you would expect from any instrument carrying the TAMA name.

Glockenspiel Materials

TAMA glockenspiels exemplify mastery in the use of hard carbonized chrome steel and special alloys. Our proprietary metallurgic methods yield a unique chime-like timbre and provide unparalleled stability in all conditions and temperatures.

Xylophones & Marimba Materials

Unlike the other Tuned Percussion offerings, TAMA’s Xylophones & Marimbas utilize a proprietary fiberglass composite for their bars. This synthetic material has proven to be a great tonal alternative to Rosewood bars offering similar warmth and sustain. They are also incredibly stable, able to stand up to continually shifting temperatures and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor venues.

TAMA Field Frames by Pageantry Innovations

To make the most out of any Tuned Percussion Instrument, it is critical to be able to pair it with a sturdy and reliable Field Frame. In 2017, TAMA in cooperation with Pageantry Innovations, unveiled a brand-new line of Field Frames. They are highly adjustable, fold flat for easy transport, and are made of lightweight solid steel. They are incredibly robust and built to hold up over many years of continual use.