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StarLight Tenor Drums

The powerful focused sound of Birch, combined with precision-engineered triple flanged hoops, amounts to tonal quality that an audience can feel as well as hear. StarLight Tenor Drums are equipped with various features making them one of the best values in their class. They are highly adjustable, come in multiple configurations, and are suitable for a wide range of applications and ensembles.

All Birch Shell

At the core, StarLight is an unadulterated expression of Tama's passion and deep experience with Birch as a shell material. StarLight Tenors feature 8 plies of 100% Birch, amounting to a thickness that assures durability and rich tone.

1.6mm Steel Tripple-Flanged Hoop

The "open" response of a triple flange design is refined to perfection with this carefully crafted hoop-as durable as it is musical.

Light Weight Aluminum Die-Cast Lugs

In combination with 6mm diameter tension bolts StarLight Tenor's aluminum die-cast lugs ensure strength and durability, even under the strain of high tension tuning.

Adjustable Tom Angle

Tenor drummers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, yet historically tenor quads have lacked adjustability-until now. Tama StarLight Tenors feature four shell connector screws that allow players to customize drum angles,and the placement of the drum in relation to the player's body.

Complete Specs

Configurations Single, Trio, and Quad
Shell Materials Birch 8ply 8mm
Shell Depth Spock 7x8; Toms 7.5x8, 8x10, 9.5x12, 11x13, with Power Cut
Weight 14 (6lbs)
8+10+12 (18lbs)
8+10+12+13 (21lbs)
Lugs Die-cast aluminum lugs with chrome finish
Number of Lugs 8"=4, 12"&13"=6
Adjusting Tom Angles Quad adjusts by loosening 4 screws with tuning key
Hoops 1.6 mm Steel Triple flanged hoop
Edge Guard Included
Shell Finishes SBK - Satin Black (Laquer) & SGW - Sugar White (Wrap)


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