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StarLight Birch Percussion

Applying expertise developed over decades of drum building excellence, TAMA has elevated Birch drum shell building to a finely executed artform.

In 2015, TAMA unveiled a new line of Marching Drums called StarLight. The concept was to offer quality marching equipment to up and coming players who aspired to the performance of the Premium Maple line. StarLight Birch shells deliver a focused, even sonic character with powerful projection. The StarLight Birch series has proven to be a durable and reliable line of instruments, that will serve players well and stand up to years of consistent performances and competitions.

StarLight Birch Shell

Snare/Tenor: 8ply birch 8mm
Bass: 7ply birch 7mm

The StarLight snares and tenors feature eight plies of 8mm Birch. Starlight bass drums have a seven-ply 7mm construction.

StarLight Birch Shell