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Tama Premium Silver Armor Carriers

TAMA Silver Armor Carriers provide maximum adjustability, comfort, and durability. Each carrier comes equipped with adjustable height, shoulder pipes, and back support. The shoulder and back pads can self-rotate to fit the contour of any size player. Each carrier can be quickly customized for the individual player with just a standard tuning key. High quality belly and shoulder pads are easily removed for machine washing. Each carrier features a duel locking system: snares, tenors, and bass drums can all be safely locked to the carrier ensuring stability during even the most physically demanding performance.

All Silver Armor Carriers Feature…

Tama Silver Armor Carriers

Safety Lock Mount

(US. PAT. NO. 8420919)
All Silver Armor Carriers feature a Safety Lock Mounting System which can safely lock any drum in place by activating the black locking tabs. The bass carrier, combined with the Noiseless Carrier Attachment, will eliminate any wobble or rattle. Exclusive to TAMA, this feature allows for complete control of motion and enhanced performance capabilities.

Positioning Bar

(US. PAT. NO. 8420919)
By connecting two J-Bars with the Positioning Bar, the distance between both J-Bars will be consistent and allow for easy adjustment of the horizontal and vertical positioning of the drums.

Belly Pad

The detachable belly pad incorporates a wide contact area to disperse the pressure around the belly.

Drum Lift Bumper

The drum lift bumper prevents the drums from being damaged by hitting the carrier when tilting up. No more scratches or chipped hoops.

Two-way Support Bar

Support Bars for the bass drums can be set up two ways according to the drum size. This will allow for correct positioning of each drum. The larger bass drums can be set up lower as shown in the picture on the left.

Silver Armor Carrier J-Bar/Hook Type

Now players of other brands of drums can enjoy the unprecedented adaptability and comfort of TAMA "Perfect Fit" Carriers. Durability tested through in-the-field trials. Never before have such a wide range of body types reported such ease and control of their instruments.

Suitable for general J-bar type carrier for Snare drums that have 14mm diameter rod. Suitable for general J-bar type carrier for Tenor drums that have 14mm diameter rod. Suitable for general locking type of carrier for bass drum with eyebolt. The distance between eyebolt hook can be adjustable within the range from 165mm to 250mm.

Complete Specs

Perfect Fit Carriers Sliding Height Adjustment. Movable Pad. Shoulder Pipe Adjustment. Backrest Adjustment. All carriers have hooking type joints with Safety Lock Mounts. All drums lock to the carrier.
Pads Shoulder Pads and Belly Pads can be taken off easily for cleaning. Belly pads can be removed for adjustment of carrier hardware. Shoulder and back pads swivel to contour body shape.
Drum Positioning Snare and Tenor: Positioning Bar. Bass: Two-way Support Bars.
Drum Lift Bumpers Snare and tenor Drum Lift Bumpers stop drums and carriers from touching when drums are lifted up.


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Perfect Fit Carriers

The Silver Armor Carrier is the Perfect Fit Carrier for the diversity of unique players. TAMA's original features and functions will satisfy every player.

Sliding Height Adjustment

This enables the player to position the drums at the correct height for their body type by adjusting the bolts on the front of the plate with a tuning key.

Movable Pad

The movable pad can rotate around the tube pipe. This enables the pad to fit the player's shoulder type for maximum comfort.

Shoulder Pipe Adjustment

This enables the player to adjust the angle of the shoulder pipe. Gearless adjustment allows the shoulder pads to fit the player's body and diminish the stress around the shoulders.

Backrest Adjustment

The angle of the backrest can be adjusted to disperse the pressure to a wider contact area on the body. The backrest can move in or out to accommodate different size players. The backrest adjustment is completely revolutionary and allows the carrier to mold itself to the player while providing excellent support.