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TAMA Premium Maple Snare Drums

TAMA's uniquely engineered Marching Snare Drums include features offered on no other comparable product in today’s market. Each one is able to maintain its shape and tone quality during intense climate conditions due to its precisely crafted circular shape. TAMA's Maple drum shell produces rich resonance with sensitive response. These uniquely engineered snares include "Buzz Killer Mutes" and the "Detachable Gut Frame" system, allowing the player maximum control of the snare drum’s sound through easy user-friendly adjustments.

High Position Strainer

Most current snare drums have a low position strainer that makes it difficult for the player to reach. Adjusting the gut height or turning the guts off for a tenor sound is impossible while carrying the drum. The guts can be accidentally raised to a position too high on both ends causing a bending of the guts and incorrect head contact. TAMA Marching Snare Drums strainer has the lever located near the top of the drum for easy reach while using a carrier. The lever is very stable and operates smoothly while switching from snare to tenor. The High Position Strainer also has built-in safeguards to prevent over adjusting the vertical positioning of the guts.

Tama Marching Snares

Tama Marching Snares  Tama Marching Snares


Tama Marching Snares Tama Marching Snares

Detachable Gut Frame (US.PAT.NO.7223910)

The Gut Frame of TAMA Marching Snare Drums can be removed or replaced in literally two seconds. You can change the bottom head without changing the tension or mute position of the guts. The two arms of the frame support all of the gut tension and prevent unwanted influences on the strainer and shell sound.

Buzz Killer Mutes (US.PAT.NO.7223910)

TAMA "Buzz Killer Mutes" are used to adjust the length of buzz by the guts. This eliminates the need for any type of tape on the guts and permits correct functioning of the strainer. Mutes can be easily positioned for your desired sound and then locked down. Subtle differences in muting can be obtained by the adjustment knobs. Mutes stay in place even when the guts are removed from the drum. You can easily remove or add mutes as needed. "Buzz Killer Mutes" allow perfect flexibility for indoor or outdoor tuning.

Individual Gut Tension Adjustment

The TAMA original gut frame system has individually adjustable guts. You can also adjust the tension of all guts at once with the tension adjustment knob. Guts can be individually removed or replaced to create your own custom sound.

Reinforcement Ring

TAMA uses a 60mm reinforcement ring on the bottom edge of the snare drum shell. This ring allows the shell to maintain shape and withstand high-pitch tuning.

Complete Specs

Drum Sizes 9" x 14", 12" x 14"
Shell Materials Maple 6ply 5mm
Number of Lugs 12 lugs with aluminum tube pipes
Weight Maple 9" x 14" 15.7 lbs,  12" x 14" 16.9 lbs.
Strainer High-position strainer
Snare Structure Less stress with free floating and detachable gut frame
Tension Rods and Washers 6mm strong tension rods with double washers
Batter Side Edge Ring Aluminum die-cast edge ring for super high-pitch tuning
Bottom Side Edge With reinforcement ring
Snare Guts 11 Guts with Detachable Gut Frame
Snare Mutes 2 Buzz Killer Mutes included
Hoops Aluminum die-cast hoop
Hardware Finish Chrome hardware finish is standard
Shell Finishes 17 lacquer finishes and 1 unicolor wrap finishes
Stable Position Ring Allows for easy replacement of the bottom head
Legs 2 legs prevent damage to the bottom hoop
Tuning Key TDK10