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TAMA Premium Maple Percussion

With over four decades of experience building some of the most sought-after drum kits in Rock music, TAMA has carried that tradition over to develop a collection of lively and aggressive sounding marching instruments.

Maple is often considered to be a more traditional marching drum shell material, but by employing the same engineering expertise that goes into every TAMA drum kit, these marching instruments afford the same level of power, intensity, and responsiveness a player would expect from any TAMA product. This is why many top-level marching corps have chosen TAMA Premium Maple for their ensembles.

Maple Shell

Snare/Tenor: 6ply 5mm
Bass: 8ply 6mm

The Tama Maple marching snares and tenors are comprised of six 5mm select Maple plies. Bass drums are eight plies of 6mm select Maple.

Maple Shell