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TAMA Premium Maple Bass Drums

The Bass Dum is the simplest yet the largest of the marching drums and absolutely critical for having a strong tonal foundation. The Premium Maple shells generate a powerful bass sound with excellent articulation for indoor and outdoor use. The TAMA "Noiseless Carrier Attachment" completely eliminates the space between the bass drum and carrier allowing the bass drum to precisely fit the player's body enhancing stability and playability. TAMA Marching Bass Drums offer unparalleled power and comfortable mobility, ensuring a strong low-end presence in any ensemble.

Locking Attachment for Bass Drum Stands

This unique locking attachment allows bass drums to be safely locked to the bass drum stands. Bass drums will not wobble while locked to the stands and cannot be accidentally knocked off or blown off by strong winds.


Noiseless Carrier Attachment

Usually marching bass drums are attached to the carrier by hooking onto eye bolts. This system does not hold the drum firmly and the bass drum wobbles and makes noise. This harms the player's performance. TAMA Marching Bass Drums eliminate the space between the bass drum and carrier by applying the joint locking system similar to the snare and tenor drums. TAMA Marching Bass Drums are designed for stability in the most demanding of performances.



High-Tension Lugs

TAMA Marching Bass Drums feature light weight aluminum die-cast lugs and 6 mm diameter tension bolts designed for strength and durability for high-pitch tuning.

Claw Hooks

TAMA Claw Hooks have been created only for TAMA Marching Bass Drums. TAMA Claw Hooks are designed with superior strength for high-pitch tuning.

Complete Specs

Bass Sizes 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28" 30". Depth of all sizes is 14" except for the 30" which has depth of 16"
Shell Materials Maple 8ply 6mm
Weight Maple
14"x14" 13.1lbs
14"x16" 14.2lbs
14"x18" 17.2lbs
14"x20" 18.1lbs
14"x22" 19.3lbs
14"x24" 20.9lbs
14"x26" 21.9lbs
14"x28" 24.7lbs
16"x30" 26.9lbs
Attachment for carrier Noiseless carrier attachement
Locking attachment for stand 18" - 30" bass drums have other attachment. 14" & 16" bass drum can be locked with Noiseless carrier attachment.
Lugs Die-cast aluminum high-tension lugs with chrome finish
Number of lugs 14" - 18" = 8 lugs, 20" - 28" = 10 lugs, 30" = 12 lugs
Claw Hooks Designed with superior strength for high-pitch tuning
Hoops High-gloss black lacquer finish
Shell Finishes 17 lacquer finishes and 1 unicolor wrap finishes
Tuning Key TDK10