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Tundra Line

Tundra Line and TAMA Warming Up the Fans at Lambeau Field

Posted 12-8-18

Tundra Line is the official drumline of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers and they have been using TAMA as their official drums since the beginning of the 2017 NFL Season. The 25-member drumline was established in 2007 and has been a consistent presence at Packers home games ever since. The group is comprised of veterans of various marching bands and drum corps. They also have a strong presence in the community, participating in numerous educational clinics at High Schools throughout the area. At TAMA Marching we’re proud to recognize this partnership as Tundra Line continues into its 12th year and we remain excited to continue supporting this talented group well into the future.

Pi Percussion Partners with TAMA Marching

Posted 11-21-18
Pi Percussion

TAMA Marching is proud to welcome Pi Percussion to our roster of marching ensembles. Pi Percussion was founded in 2007 and is headed up by Director Adam Hill. Their achievements include 2 PIA WGI World Championships and back-to-back WGI Independent Open Silver Medals. We’re happy to have them on board and look forward to supporting them in their future success.

INOV8 Winter Percussion Partners with TAMA Marching

Posted 11-21-18
INOV8 Winter Percussion

We’d like to offer a warm welcome to INov8 Winter Percussion and their director Dave Isaacs, who have chosen to join the TAMA Marching Family. The ensemble reached the WGI Semifinals in their inaugural season of 2016, competing in the Independent Open class. They achieved a top 10 finals appearance in 2017, and continued pushing to new levels by finishing 5th in 2018. For the 2019 season, INov8 will reach for new heights by competing in the WGI Percussion Independent World class! Tama Marching is happy to welcome INov8 to the family, and look forward to supporting them as they make this step to the next level.

DESIRE | DISCIPLINE | DEDICATION TAMA Salutes All Who Made WGI Great in 2018

Posted 5-8-18
WGI 2018

To compete at WGI requires long practice hours, discipline, and unrivaled dedication. In addition to the percussionists themselves, it's also the commitment of the parents and volunteers that makes participation at World Championships possible. Through the intensity of their performances, the devotion and desire of these ensembles was on clear display at WGI 2018.

TAMA would like to congratulate all of the ensembles who placed and who competed impressively in their respective divisions. In the Scholastic World Class finals, Avon High School (IN) placed 7th. Unionville High School (PA) placed 4th and Temple City High School (CA) finished 9th in the Scholastic Class A finals. Two other TAMA lines participated in World Class divisions, Homestead High School (CA) in Scholastic and OC Indoor (OR) in Independent. Foothill High School (NV) participated in the Scholastic Open Class and Modulation Z (MO) in the Independent Open Class. TAMA Marching was well represented and we thank you all for an amazing WGI 2018.

The Oregon Crusaders and OC Indoor Partners with TAMA Marching

Posted 9-28-17

We are thrilled to welcome the World Class Oregon Crusaders and OC Indoor to the TAMA family for the 2018 season and beyond!

"We are beyond exited to enter into this new partnership with Tama Drums. I have loved their kits since I began playing on them in my early years, and now the chance to outfit both The Oregon Crusaders and Oregon Crusaders Indoor with these incredible instruments in the pageantry arena is nothing short of amazing. To be able to play on instruments designed by my legendary teacher and mentor Tom Float and to work with him is such an honor, and we will do our best to do them justice! Thank you so much to Andy Wozniak and team for this wonderful opportunity!” —Mike Stevens, OC Indoor Director and OC Percussion Arranger

"On behalf of the Oregon Crusaders, I am thrilled to begin this partnership with TAMA, and to be able to provide the members of OC and OC Indoor with such high quality percussion instruments." —Mike Quillen, Executive Director

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