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A horn's mouthpiece is where it all starts. It's the point of human connection between the creator and his instrument; where life breathes into the inanimate. For the designers at Tama by Kanstul the importance and sensitivity of the mouthpiece is paramount. By incorporating time-tested designs that have evolved over the last century, with the most current tools today's technology has to offer, they have developed high-quality, professional level mouthpieces that pair up with the outstanding line of Tama brass marching instruments.


The Tama by Kanstul T3C has a larger cup diameter and depth to the standard 3C, with the #24 orchestral back bore. This gives the mouthpiece a very dark yet powerful tone quality, which is needed for use on the field. The size and power of this mouthpiece matches very well with the power that is needed by our Coliseum Trumpet. Once a trade secret of professional trumpet players in the greater Los Angeles area, the word about the T3C has spread to many commercial and orchestral circles.

Tama By Kastul Trumpet Mouthpiece T3C


The TM6 comes with the same #24 orchestral back bore while the Mello 6 comes with a smaller hybrid cornet throat and back bore. This makes the TM6 a much more powerful mouthpiece with greater airflow for maximized projection on the field. This is an excellent design for well-developed players who strive for great volume production and quick response.

Tama By Kastul Mellophone Mouthpiece TM6


The T6D is an orchestral French Horn mouthpiece which is a perfect match for the KFFH or KBFH Marching French Horns. The T6D has a large cup size for players with mature embouchures. The large throat and back bore of this mouthpiece will produce a very free blowing dark sound. This offers a perfect coupling to our Mellophone timbre on the marching field.

Tama By Kastul French Horn Mouthpiece T6D


For band directors who want the Mellophone sound quality on the marching field, but also want their French Horn players to keep their embouchure in check during the field season, Tama offers the T6DH. This is our French Horn cup, on the T6DH shank. This will give the French Horn player the added comfort of a horn mouthpiece, but allow the Mellophone to work to its full potential with the proper shank and back bore to maximize the airflow. The T6DH is the perfect hybrid mouthpiece for the field. No longer will band directors find the need for mouthpiece adapters, which alter the pitch and response of the instrument. The T6DH is the solution.

Tama By Kastul French Horn/Mellophone Hybrid T6DH


The T11C is an 11C mouthpiece (which is the choice of professional commercial trombonists on the West Coast) with one alteration. The "G" back bore is used to maximize airflow. Again, this is a professional level mouthpiece.

Tama By Kastul Trombone Mouthpiece T11C


Our Marching Baritone comes with our T65A, which is similar to the 6½ AL Trombone Mouthpiece. The "G" throat and the #420 back bore gives this mouthpiece a round mellow tone with great carrying power at all volume levels. This mouthpiece is custom fit to our Marching Baritone lead pipe for maximized airflow with minimal effort.

Tama By Kastul Baritone Mouthpiece T65A


The T4G is a Symphonic Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece that works seamlessly with our Marching Euphonium. The combination of two great mouthpieces, the T4G combines aspects of the 5G and 4G Symphonic Tenor Trombone mouthpieces into one, which best suits our Marching Euphonium. It features a large cup, which produces a brilliant full-bodied tone. The T4G is very useful in both upper and lower register work.

Tama By Kastul Euphonium Mouthpiece T4G


The medium shallow cup of this mouthpiece allows for greater flexibility and technical facility. This mouthpiece is suited for both soloistic passages and adds the broad tone quality and power for full ensemble work. This mouthpiece works on both the field and in the concert hall, enhancing the objective of our Convertible Tubas.

Tama By Kastul Tuba Mouthpiece TC3


The TN4 is perfectly matched to our 5/4 Marching Tuba. Modeled after the mouthpiece used by the late, great Tommy Johnson, the TN4 combines power at full volume levels and ease of technical facility. The "V" shaped medium-deep cup allows for greater control and intonation that is more consistent and easier flexibility throughout the full range of the instrument. Again, this mouthpiece is also designed to be used in both the concert hall and on the field.

Tama By Kastul Tuba Mouthpiece TN4