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TAMA | Bergerault Field Percussion

The best field percussion instruments begin with incorporating the very best materials to ensure premier performance and sound. Bergerault Performance Series Field Percussion is crafted with a unique blend of science and art to create some of the highest quality keyboards available today. A seamless complement to the melodic tones of the keys, TAMA’s 36”x22” field bass drum features a 9mm Maple shell, which generates rich and powerful low-end resonance. Relied on by top drum corps and percussion ensembles, these competition-level instruments are designed to produce and maintain over time, a rich, potent, and dynamic sound.

Pageantry Innovations Field Frames

To make the most out of any field percussion instrument, it is critical to be able to pair it with a sturdy and reliable field frame. Pageantry Innovations field frames are highly adjustable and are made of lightweight 1.5" solid steel tubes. They are incredibly robust and built to hold up over many years of continual use in practice, performance, and competition.