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Cases & Accessories


TAMA Drum Cases are specifically designed to accommodate TAMA Marching Drums. All cases have superior construction with an emphasis on protecting drums from sudden impact. Excellent weight distribution, comfortable handles, and weatherproof materials make transporting or storing TAMA Marching Drums a safe and easy experience.


Snare 12"depth 18"x 17.5" x 15"
9"depth 18"x17.5"x12"
Tenor 51"x28"x14"
Bass 14": 17"x18"x18"
16": 19.5"x19.5"x18"
18": 21"x22"x18"
20": 22.5"x23.5"x18"
22": 25"x26"x18"
24": 27"x28"x18"
26": 29"x28.5"x18"
28": 30.5"x31"x18"


TAMA Drum Covers are designed for the ultimate in snare, tenor, and bass drum protection. Well padded custom fitted covers completely protect chrome hardware and high end lacquer finishes from scratches, dirt, and the elements. Featuring pockets for drum keys, storage slots for tenor legs when not in use, and ring attachments for stick bags, TAMA Drum Covers are a multi-functional solution for protection and convenience. All covers are double stitched, weather proof, and are washable to insure beautiful and long lasting protection for your drums.

Complete Cover Specs

How to attach Attach to drums with Velcro straps
Pockets All drum covers have a small pocket. Tenor drum covers have a large pocket to store legs when not in use.
Rings All drum covers have rings to attach stick bags over the cover.
Bass drum covers One size cover can fit two sizes of bass drums. 14" &16", 18" & 20", 22" & 24", 26" & 28". All bass drum covers have openings to expose carrier and stand attachments.


Tama Marching Accessories

Multi-Lock Clamp


Tama Marching Accessories

Snare Mute


Tama Marching Accessories

Tuning Key with Case


Tama Marching Accessories

Snare Projectors


Tama Marching Accessories

Yellow Hard Gut Frame


TAMA Yellow Hard Guts are relatively harder than standard guts and produce a crisper and brighter sound. The gut frame can be instantly changed to produce the sound of your choice.

Tama Marching Accessories

Bass Drum Muffle Rings

MBSP2 (2pcs/set, 1pc = 6 3/4 ft)

Tama Marching Accessories

Hoop Guard


TAMA Hoop Guards can be securely locked to bass drum hoops using the friction of rubber cushions. The rubber cushions protect the hoops from scratches and the Hoop Guards protect the hoops from rim shots.

Tama Marching Accessories

Stick Bags

MSB01 (Small size)
MSB02 (Large Size)

Tama Marching Accessories


(Black for 14" - 22" bass drums)
(White for 14" - 22" bass drums)
(Black for 24" - 28" bass drums)
(White for 24" - 28" bass drums)

Tama Marching Accessories

Mallet Bag


Tama Marching Back Support Belt

Back Support Belt


The Back Support Belt gives extra support while reducing back stress. Designed to be used with TAMA Silver Armor Carriers, (sold separately), it can be easily adjusted for different body types and is removeable.

Tama Marching Back Support Belt

Universal Bass Drum Carrier


Tama Yellow Hard Guts

Yellow Hard Guts


TAMA Yellow Hard Guts are relatively harder than standard guts and produce a crisper and brighter sound.

Tama Marching TSP10 Practice Pad

TSP10 10" Practice Pad


TAMA's 10" practice pad is a single sided rubber pad. The rubber portion is wrapped around a wooden board for a natural, bouncy feel. Slightly thicker soft urethane material on the reverse side helps absorb impact and reduce volume.

Tama Marching Practice Pad Stand

Practice Pad Stand


The HS40TP training pad stand can hold
pads between 6 and 10 inch diameters.
The rubber grips of the basket can also be
reversed for holding smaller pads more
securely. An extension pipe is included for
when practicing standing up is desired.

Tama Square Pipe Accessory Clamp

Square Pipe Accessory Clamp


The Square Pipe Accessory Clamp is perfect for adding that extra cymbal or piece of percussion to any TAMA field frame. The clamp accepts 12-30mm arms and pipes and attaches firmly and securely to a 1.5in square pipe. It also includes a nylon insert that prevents unwanted frame noise and finish wear.

Tama Hoop Grip

Hoop Grip


The Hoop Grip is a simple tool that allows you to add cymbals or other accessories to your drum kit to expand your setup and customize your sound with ease. The possibilities are endless.

Tama Accessory Mount Arm and Z-Rods

Accessory Mount Arm and Z-Rods


>Z-rod for mounting lightweight cymbals, Z-rod for mounting cowbell or other percussion instruments and accessories, Z-rod for mounting lightweight cymbals, and Accessory mount arm for mounting cymbals for accessories as snare drum effects.