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Who We Are

Suffice it to say, almost anyone who knows drums knows Tama. But for those of you new to drumming, here's a brief intro: Tama is the drum brand of Hoshino Gakki in Japan. We started manufacturing drums in 1965 and officially became Tama in 1974. For decades Tama's focus has been on drum sets and accessories. Tama's history is marked by a steady stream of invention and innovation, much of it imitated by competitors. As a whole, Tama's continual innovative efforts result in an ongoing trifecta of superior sound, solution-driven hardware, and pro-level durability.


Fast forward four decades, hundreds of top-tier endorsers in studios and on stages throughout musicdom, as well as the production of hundreds of thousands of drums and accessories, and today Tama is one of the biggest drummakers in the world.


And Now...

…Tama is applying its four decades of high-quality drum-making expertise to the marching drum market. We intend to serve marching percussion artists by solving the design problems left unaddressed by the status quo equipment makers. These solutions will maximize the drummer's comfort, safety, and performance, contributing to a richer performance experience.




About Tama By Kanstul USA

About Tama By Kanstul USA


The Best

In the world of brass instruments, no one can compare to Kanstul.


That's a bold claim. But it's true. We often hear: "If Kanstul is the best, how come I haven't heard of them?" The fact is, among those who know and grew up with Kanstul, the name is spoken with reverence. It's a name synonymous with the highest level of hand craftsmanship in the realm of brass instruments.


"The best brass instruments you never heard of."

To understand why Kanstul isn't a household name, you need to know something about the company's history and its mastermind, Zigmant "Zig" Kanstul.


In the early 1950s, a young piecework horn builder with exceptional manual dexterity and a genius for efficiency caught the attention of managers at the famous F.E. Olds brass factory. Industry legends themselves, their mentorship provided the launching pad for Zig's career. After many years of serving in several industry management posts, Kanstul Musical Instruments was born and from then on, Zig never looked back.



Building a Reputation

Like the virtuoso musician who can't wait to tackle the toughest score, Zig's greatest satisfaction comes from building unique instruments that other larger manufacturers shun. When the U.S. Marine Band needed a dozen "fanfare" trumpets with a three-foot-long bell, all roads led to Kanstul. When entertainment legend Herb Alpert hatched an idea for an innovative trumpet that other manufactures labeled impossible , Kanstul seized the opportunity to design and build the unorthodox instrument.


This adventurous spirit, coupled with Zig's passion for perfection, and his lengthy and respected career as a builder quickly earned Kanstul the reputation of being the "Rolls Royce" of brass instruments.



When Push Comes To Shove: Kanstul Defines Itself

As part of Kanstul's continual expansion, the horn builder entered the student instrument market in the early 80's. But Zig soon saw a storm coming from the direction Far East. Eager to quickly become the industry leaders, these giants took a strategy of "buying the market," giving away thousands of instruments-a game in which Kanstul viewed as a slow race to the bottom. The beginner horn business was never to be the same. Zig decided to "get out" while he still could. "Instead of losing money in the commodity market, we decided to just focus on products no one else could or would build," he stated.


As you can see, Kanstul's business model is tempered by a calling of the artisan where the motivation is less about "taking market share" and more about building truly great instruments. So when the tsunami of mass produced brass instruments began rolling over the US, Zig and his crew continued as they always had, servicing serious players whose passion for quality was as strong as Kanstul's.



A New Chapter: Introducing Tama by Kanstul

In late 2012, Zig Kanstul found himself in a series of discussions with Tama that would put him and his company in the position of being able to partner with one the most prestigious, innovative percussion manufacturers on the planet. Like many artists, he relished the opportunity to leave time-draining administrative chores to a trusted partner, and focus on his original mission: To lead a team of the world's greatest horn makers. With their shared vision for building the best instruments money can by, Tama has stepped in to carry the fire forward with an exclusive line of marching brass instruments, designed and crafted by Kanstul.


We invite you to enter the world of Tama by Kanstul marching brass, and a place where percussion meets perfection-Tama marching drums.



About Us

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