• University of Pittsburgh

    Tama Joins
    Forces With
    “The Crew”At Pitt

    “The University of Pittsburgh drumline is proud to be the newest member of the Tama family,” states Pitt percussion instructor Brad Root. And given the
    history that the University's drumline represents, we at Tama are honored to have been chosen to help continue The Crew's great tradition. Read More

  • US Naval Academy Drum And Bugle Corps.

    Tama Welcomes
    The US Navy

    The United States Naval Academy Drum And Bugle Corps. has been providing music for the Brigade of Midshipmen and surrounding community since 1852. Located at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, the band is comprised of 68 professional Navy musicians.

  • Tama Endorser Pete Sapadin

    Pete Sapadin

    As the reputation of Tama continues
    to grow, so does Team Tama. Pete
    Sapadin is another shining example of
    a top-notch marching percussion performer and educator who has come
    to fully appreciate what Tama has achieved with their innovative approach
    to marching percussion. Read More

  • The Saints Brigade

    Tama Welcomes
    The Saints Brigade

    The first community-based drum and bugle corps to adopt Tama Marching Percussion as their drums of choice! The Saints Brigade Drum and Bugle Corps call the Carver Center in Port Chester, New York their home base. Read More

Colleges And Universities

  • Blinn College

    Blinn College

  • University of California, Los Angeles

    University of California, Los Angeles

  • California State University Fresno

    California State University Fresno

  • Missouri Western State University

    Missouri Western State University

  • University Of Hawaii

    University Of Hawaii

  • University Of Houston

    University Of Houston

  • University Of Pittsburgh

    University Of Pittsburgh

High Schools

  • Alvord High School

    Alvord High School, TX

  • Avon High School

    Avon High School, IN

    [ learn more ]
  • Basic High School

    Basic High School, NV

  • Cedar Hill High School

    Cedar Hill High School, TX

  • Comanche High School

    Comanche High School, OK

  • Coppell High School

    Coppell High School, TX

    [ learn more ]
  • Corsicana High School

    Corsicana High School, TX

  • Fairfield High School

    Fairfield High School, CA

  • Foothill High School

    Foothill High School, NV

    [ learn more ]
  • Franklin County High School

    Franklin County High School, VA

  • Hancock High School

    Hancock High School, MS

  • Homestead High School

    Homestead High School, CA

    [ learn more ]
  • Hoover High School

    Hoover High School, CA

  • James Logan High School

    James Logan High School, CA

    [ learn more ]
  • Lehi High School

    Lehi High School, UT

  • Maui High School

    Maui High School, HI

  • Milton High School

    Milton High School, GA

  • Niceville High School

    Niceville High School, FL

  • Passaic High School

    Passaic High School, NJ

  • Riverdale High School

    Riverdale High School, CA

  • Sacred Heart High School

    Sacred Heart High School, CA

  • San Marcos High School

    San Marcos High School, CA

    [ learn more ]
  • San Marino High School

    San Marino High School, CA

  • Springs Valley High School

    Springs Valley High School, IN

  • Templeton High School

    Templeton High School, CA

  • Waltrip High School

    Waltrip High School, TX

  • Waxahachie High School

    Waxahachie High School, TX

Drum And Bugle Corps.

  • U.S. Air Force Academy Drum and Bugle Corps.

    U.S. Air Force Academy Drum and Bugle Corps.

  • U.S. Naval Academy Drum And Bugle Corps.

    U.S. Naval Academy Drum & Bugle Corps.

  • Saints Brigade Drum And Bugle Corps.

    The Saints Brigade Drum & Bugle Corps., NY

    [ learn more ]

Independent Artists

Sports Teams

  • The Philladelphia 76ers

    The Philadelphia 76ers